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Recovering a cat after surgery can be challenging. Especially if the cat has an upper respiratory infection, or some other condition that makes it necessary to hold them for an extended period of time. For our targeted TNR projects we extend the trap with another cage that we call a “recovery cage”. This system makes it easy to clean the cage, and give the cat room enough for a small litter box, and a place to stretch out. This system also makes it easy to get the cat back into the trap for transport home when they are ready. For more information on the use of the recovery cage see our Recovery Tips & Tricks page.

Fix Our Ferals lends recovery cages for a small deposit, so please call (510) 215-9300 for more information. Our recovery cages are made from modified rabbit hutches made by Bass Equipment and are 18 inch cubes. They sell for approximately $22.50 before tax and shipping (check with Bass for the current pricing) . These must be special ordered. To order, it is best to call Pat at the Healdsburg phone number (707) 433-6177. They should have the specifications on file under Fix Our Ferals, however here are drawings of the plans:

A similar recovery cage can easily be made from any cage with the use of some wire cutters and duct tape. Just cut a hole in the side of the cage that is the same size, or slightly smaller, than the opening at the back of the trap. Tape over the sharp edges of the cut wire to protect the cat from sharp edges. Use cable-ties to secure the trap to the recovery cage.

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