drop trap

A drop trap is a lightweight frame covered with netting – made to catch feral cats. It is propped up on one side with a stick, and food is placed in the back. The trapper stands at a distance, holding a string attached to the stick. When the cats are eating, the trapper pulls the string, allowing the trap to drop, capturing the cats inside. The trapper immediately covers the drop trap with a blanket to calm the cat(s). Then transfers them into individual traps.

This is a great way to catch trap-shy cats: cats that have already be trapped, or had a trap close on them too soon, so they were able to escape. It is also a great way to get more than one cat at a time. However, it also has it’s challenges: you should optimally have 2 people working together when trapping with the drop trap. Since the trap is relatively light weight one person needs to pull the string (you must really yank it hard, so that the stick clears the frame of the trap!) while the other is ready with a cover, and will hold the trap down while the first person prepares the transfer traps.

There are several people in the rescue community with drop traps they are willing to loan, so if you need one, call Fix Our Ferals (510-215-9300) and ask to put you in touch with someone that can help – or ask to join our email list of other people doing TNR in your area and ask for help directly from the community!

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