How can one person save 100 homeless cats?

It’s simple.  Just spay one.

Our Clinic

Access to Care. Not just a buzz phrase to us. We make spay/neuter and other essential surgery available and affordable.

Our clinic staff is dedicated to making quality surgical care accessible. In addition to affordable routine spay/neuter, we provide other essential surgeries (i.e., enucleations, limb amputations, gastro-intestinal foreign body surgeries, etc.), core vaccines, and microchips. If you have a dog or a cat that needs essential surgical care and full price is out of reach, contact us at [email protected] for lower-cost estimates.

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)

If you are planning to trap a free-roaming cat for TNR, contact us. Our $40 TNR package includes everything spay or neuter surgery, rabies and FVRCP vaccinations, Revolution parasite treatment, a microchip, and an ear tip.

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