Services for Cats TNR/Free-Roaming Not TNR/ companion cats
Spay or Neuter Surgery $40 $85
Rabies Vaccine Included $10
FVRCP Vaccine Included $10
Revolution (parasite treatment) Included $10
Microchip Included $10
Services for Dogs Dog (Under 20 lbs) Dog (20-45 lbs) Dog (46-75 lbs)
Spay or Neuter Surgery $120 $130 $150

(76 lbs. & up: $200)

Rabies Vaccine $10  $10 $10
Da2PP Vaccine $10  $10 $10
Microchip $10 $10 $10

Other Services

If you need financial assistance, please contact us. We have limited grants at different times of the year that we may be able to apply to your situation.

We can also help with many other surgical procedures other than spay/neuter. Please email us at [email protected] for questions or for more information.

For borrowing carriers or traps, see Borrowing Humane Traps for more details, or email [email protected].

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