A small orange tabby kitten with blue eyes stands against a sunny patch of grass and orange flowers, looking at the camera.

These Kittens Need Your Help!

We’re bracing for the biggest Kitten Season in years. 

Every year as the weather warms, outdoor community cats go into heat, breed, and start having kittens. This means tens of thousands of feral kittens can be born in a single season just in the Bay Area.

Because of COVID-19, many shelters and clinics had to temporarily close their doors or pause their services, and some have yet to reopen, and we’re seeing more animals than ever. Kittens as young as 4 months can have multiple litters a year, and the population growth can be exponential, putting more stress on the cats already in the community.

Can you help us save more lives?

Every dollar goes directly to helping some of the most vulnerable animals. 

They need your help now more than ever. 

Two tabby cats, an orange one on the left and a grey one on the right, gently headbutting each other.

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