Over our 18-year history, FOF has opened the minds and hearts of East Bay residents to the plight of feral cats, and provided tools for TNR.

Our Story

Since 1998 FOF has provided affordable spay/neuter (S/N) surgery to free-roaming (community) cats, and trap/neuter/return (TNR) tools to the people that feed and care for them. Today our services include Spay/ Neuter and other essential surgical procedures for free-roaming cats as well as the companion cats and dogs of our neighbors in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our stellar medical team, led by Dr. Jean Goh and Robin Post, RVT, serves about 500 animals a month with exemplary care and compassion. Over the years, from our founding members and volunteers to our current team of staff and supporters, Fix Our Ferals has helped unite the community around the humane population control of free-roaming cats. We are proud to now include the cats and dogs of our underserved neighbors in our scope of care. Ultimately, keeping all of these animals out of local shelters helps avoid unnecessary euthanasia in overcrowded animal facilities–that’s something we all want.

About Us

Our Mission

The Fix Our Ferals mission is to humanely end overpopulation of cats and dogs and keep them healthy, in their homes, and out of shelters. We make spay/neuter, crucial surgeries, and other veterinary services accessible and affordable for cats and dogs cared for by members of the public and rescue organizations. We promote and actively support Trap-Neuter-Return of community cats.

About Us

Our Staff

Our staff has over 25 years of collective experience in animal welfare and are dedicated to the health and safety of all animals. Read more about the Fix Our Ferals staff and their commitment to animal welfare and our spay-neuter mission.

About Us

Our Board of Directors

Our dedicated Board of Directors works to ensure that Fix Our Ferals remains an effective and impactful resource for our community. Their combined diverse experience brings expertise from a variety of professions and industries, including animal welfare. We are currently looking for an attorney or legal expert to join our board. If you are a lawyer or legal professional and have interest in helping us strengthen our mission, please contact us.

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