TNR vs Wildlife

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We get asked sometimes about the impact on wildlife (especially birds). It boils down to this: if the choices are to ignore the cats, or go through the effort to trap them just to drop them off to have them killed, most folks will do nothing. If you add TNR as an option, many people will choose that option. TNR helps reduce feral populations. So while it may not be the fastest solution, it is the only current solution that is actually making progress to reduce feral populations which in turn helps protect wildlife.

A good summary quote from Huffington Post Green:

The unfortunate result of this headline-grabbing junk science is to divert attention from the true threats to wildlife — habitat destruction, pollution and climate change — in favor of scapegoating cats. As an animal-loving society, we should continue to reject false accusations and instead celebrate the spread of TNR as a compassionate and common-sense approach for cats and communities.

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