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Special Trapping Equipment

The basic equipment needed for doing TNR cats is a humane trap. These are made by many different companies and come in many different sizes.

The traps Fix Our Ferals lend out are made by Tomahawk, and have 2 doors: one trap door, and one for transferring. We find that the 2nd door is invaluable for transferring cats and makes it much easier to recover them after surgery. We use the size for domestic cats, but the raccoon size can also be used, and is sometimes better for larger cats.

A large trap made for catching dogs or bob cats can also be very useful, however they should never be used with out a “Pull Stck” (see below) because the normal trapping mechanism can be dangerous and cause injury to the cat.

In some instances you will find that you need other equipment for hard to catch cats or special circumstances. The following is a list of some other equipment we have found useful. In some instances you can, or need to, make these items your self.