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Borrowing Humane Traps

Traps can be borrowed from a Fix Our Ferals “Trap Depot.”  To find a Trap Depot call our hot-line 510-433-9446, and one of our phone screeners will assist you.

Other humane trap resources*:

* These resources are not affiliated with Fix Our Ferals. Their fees and policies are subject to change without our knowledge. Please check prices and policies with individual locations for current information.

City Source Phone Notes
Fremont Bogie’s Discount Pet Food
37030 Post Street
Fremont Fremont Animal Hospital
45962 Warm Springs Blvd.
Fremont Ohlone Humane Society 510-792-4587 Available to Ohlone TNR clients.
Fremont Tri-City Animal Shelter 510-790-6640 For Fremont Residents only
Hayward Hayward Rentals 510-582-2646
Oakland Cresco Equipment Rentals
6767 Broadway Terrace
San Lorenzo Lewis Rents 510-276-3080