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Low-Cost Private Vets

Low-Cost Veterinarians in the Bay Area
Remember to ask the veterinarian to notch or tip the cat’s right ear!

Fix Our Ferals does not recommend or endorse any specific vet. This list is provided for your reference only. As always you should research any vet you plan to use.

* These vets are not affiliated with Fix Our Ferals. Their fees and policies are subject to change without our knowledge. Please check prices and policies with individual veterinarians for current information.

Aborn Pet Hospital, 40951 Grimmer Blvd., Fremont:
(510) 656-0223

Emeryville Pet Hospital, Emeryville: (510) 338-3473

Evergreen Pet Clinic, 109 San Pablo Dam Rd.: (510) 215-9980

Pet cats: call for pricing