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Adopt a Backyard Cat and Save a Life!

How do I persuade a feral cat to live in my backyard as a garden cat?

For successful relocation, your new cat will need to spend the first two to four weeks (or more) in an outdoor cage, lent to you for free with security deposit by Fix Our Ferals (see Recovery Cubes & Our Rates).

This will:
1. Get the cat used to being fed in your yard.
2. Make the cat comfortable with the new surroundings.
3. Introduce the new cat to other cats in the neighborhood.

Read more about relocating feral (aka backyard, garden & barn) cats.

Please say YES! I can save a life by adopting a backyard cat!
Call our hotline at 510-433-9446 for more details or check with your local rescue to see if they have backyard or garden cats.

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