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Low-Cost Private Vets

Local Rescue Groups
These provide spay/neuter services or vouchers (or did so at one time as funding allowed). Contact them directly for more information.

Contact information below is listed by service area:

*Regional Fix Our Ferals Organizations

Our area of service includes Alameda and Contra Costa Counties in the East Bay of the San Francisco -Bay Area, in Northern California. There are other groups nearby that have a similar programs, or have used our program as their model, to provide free spay/neuter services for the free-roaming cats in their communities. These are separate organizations from Fix Our Ferals, but some use “Fix Our Ferals” in their name. We provide links to their web sites below, but you must contact them directly for any further information about their programs (dates, procedures and eligibility requirements may be different from ours).

Other local cat/pet rescues:

More resources: