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10 Tips for Keeping Cats out of Yards & Gardens

Here are some helpful suggestions for neighbors who wish to keep cats out of their yards and gardens.

1. Cat StopĀ® is an ultrasonic, battery-operated cat repellent with a motion detector. See the SafePetProducts web site to read more about this highly recommended product.

2. Push wooden chopsticks or 10-inch plant stakes into flowerbeds every eight inches to discourage digging and scratching.

3. Cats dislike citrus smells. Scatter orange and lemon peels or spray with citrus-scented spray. You can also scatter citrus-scented pet bedding such as Citrafresh.

4. Coffee grounds and pipe tobacco also work to repel cats. Some people have also suggested lavender oil, lemon grass oil, citronella oil, eucalyptus oil and mustard oil.

5. Spray cat repellent (available at pet supply stores) around the edges of the yard, the top of fences, and on any favorite digging areas or plants. For information call your local animal supply store or PetsMart Corporate Office at 602-580-6100 or visit them on-line at

6. Cover exposed ground in flowerbeds with large attractive river rocks to prevent cats from digging (they have the added benefit of deterring weeds).

7. Plant the herb “rue” to repel cats, or sprinkle the dried herb over the garden.

8. Use a motion-activated sprinkler. Any cat coming into the yard will be sprayed but unharmed and it is good for the lawn. If you are unable to find one, telephone Contech at 1-800-767-8568 to find out how to order one.

9. A garden repellent called Reppers, manufactured in Holland by Beaphar, is available at PetsMart,,, Foster & Smith or your local pet store. Reppers retails for around $19.95.

10. A non-chemical cat and wildlife repellent called Cat Scat Mats, are plastic mats that are pressed into the soil. Each mat, complete with flexible plastic spikes, is cut into four pieces. The spikes are harmless to cats and other animals, but are effective in discouraging excavation. They are sold in packages of 5 for approximately $21.95 from Gardener’s Supply Company, at or 1-800-863-1700.

Even better than keeping cats away? Help reduce the number of free-roaming cats by practicing TNR: trap-neuter-return! Browse our site for more info.