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We always need volunteers!

Please email us for information about any of the projects listed below:

Volunteer for Cats!

Would you enjoy helping a small group of outdoor cats live healthy lives without reproducing?

Help outdoor cats in your neighborhood by becoming a feeder for a colony—right in your own zip code!

Every day, kind people in the East Bay and throughout the United States provide care to outdoor cats. Fix Our Ferals supports spay/neuter of all neighborhood cats, followed by care and feeding.

Caring for a colony is fascinating and rewarding. Responsible care means:

In caring for any outdoor colony, we recommend that several people be involved so that work is distributed, and so that the cats will have more than one person to depend on.

If you would like to help care for an outdoor cat colony one day or more per week, we can help you find someone in your area who needs help.

Be a Phone Screener for Our Hot Line

Our Fix our Ferals Hotline receives approximately 10–12 calls per day from all over the East Bay. This service has developed into a community-wide referral, information, and education system for feral cat issues. Through our screening team, we loan humane traps, take reservations for our own clinics, and direct callers to other resources.

The response to a caller over the phone is often the first contact they have with our organization. Therefore a screener must exercise the utmost courtesy and thoughtfulness when assisting each caller, always keeping in mind that the caller may be making life and death decisions about cats’ lives.

Phone screeners work from home to access messages received on the Hotline during their assigned shifts. Their basic duties are as follows:

All screeners attend a training session and are given a handbook with all relevant information and resources. They receive ongoing support from experienced screeners and the screener coordinator.

Fix a Feral

Learn how to help neighborhood cats in your community by using the cruelty-free strategy of trap/neuter/return (TNR). Take direct, compassionate action and change a cat’s life for the better now. Be a neighborhood hero!

Join one of our community e-mail groups

Connect with other people doing TNR in your area. Get help fixing the cats in your city! Help others doing the same! Call the hot line and ask to be added to the group for your location.

And many, many more lifesaving opportunities!

Adopt a backyard cat!


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