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TNR vs Wildlife

We get asked sometimes about the impact on wildlife (especially birds). It boils down to this: if the choices are to ignore the cats, or go through the effort to trap them just to drop them off to have them killed, most folks will do nothing. If you add TNR as an option, many people will choose that option. TNR helps reduce feral populations. So while it may not be the fastest solution, it is the only current solution that is actually making progress to reduce feral populations which in turn helps protect wildlife.

This is a list of articles from Alley Cat Allies on this particular topic:

Here’s a typical article with a lot of scientific references:

That site has a list of fast facts, short informative articles about this and similar topics:

They also have a large publication and research section, with references to the appropriate science:

A good summary quote from Huffington Post Green:

The unfortunate result of this headline-grabbing junk science is to divert attention from the true threats to wildlife — habitat destruction, pollution and climate change — in favor of scapegoating cats. As an animal-loving society, we should continue to reject false accusations and instead celebrate the spread of TNR as a compassionate and common-sense approach for cats and communities.

For more info, see also:

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Update on Chester’s Story

Remember tear jerking story of the cat who for three years was lost but never forgotten:  thanks to his microchip and a conscientious finder who brought Chester to be neutered at the FOF Spay-Neuter Center, he made it home!

The guardians of (already-neutered) Chester were contacted and were ecstatic that Chester was found.  The family had finally adopted a new kitten, and also a new dog after Chester’s old dog friend passed away.  But they never gave up hope on Chester, who has now been re-introduced to his family and their new members.

Clinic Manager Michelle sends this update:  After spending his first night at home behind the dryer, Chester is doing GREAT:  He loves the dog, and tolerates the kitten, and the two human children in the family are delighted he is home.

Chester is back to being his normal self, just as they recall him: head butting for love, and like before, great with getting his nails trimmed and having a bath.

As our FOF’s Dr. Crystal Heath recommended, Chester has been to the vet and will be getting the dental work he needs.  And they are one big happy family!

Here is the photo we have been waiting for of Chester with his kid owner who missed him dearly.

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RVT Needed

Cowboy in Green GrassFix Our Ferals seeks a Registered Veterinary Technician for a part-time (4-5 hours per day, 5 days per week) position.
Our state-of-the-art, low-cost, spay/neuter clinic for ALL cats, including pets, is located in Richmond.
We are open Tuesday through Saturday. RVTs begin work at 9:00 AM.
Duties include handling tame and feral cats/kittens, anesthesia, intubation, bladder expression, iv catheterization, patient prep, sterile surgery protocols, and patient recovery. You also will order and maintain medical supplies.

If you are a Registered Vet Tech with a current rabies series (or are willing to be vaccinated) and a team player, please reply with your cover letter and resume.
We are especially interested in your experience with feral cats, so please supply those relevant details.

We will contact all interested and qualified applicants regarding participating in interviews and supplying references.

Help us make a difference in the lives of ALL East Bay cats.

Thank you!

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Lucky Day for Chester

On October 2nd at the Fix Our Ferals Spay-Neuter Center, one of the cats brought in by Cat Support Network turned out to have an interesting story. During the routine scanning which FOF does on every cat, our conscientious staff discovered that this big 12-pound tabby boy was an already-neutered tabby AND was microchipped back in 2007. His name is Chester.

Michelle, our Clinic Manager, hoped that all the microchip information was up-to-date. She began to make calls: “There were 3 numbers I left messages on, and I emailed – but that bounced back. But one person called back, really skeptical, and said she had received a call about a cat. When the caller was told the cat’s name was Chester, there was joy in her voice when she exhaled and said that this was her cat.”

The owner went on to tell Chester’s story: Chester was missing for 3 years. Finally, just two weeks ago Chester’s family got a new kitten, but of course they still wanted Chester back. The family’s son continued to this day to ask, when they drove by a big tabby cat, “Is that Chester?” Obviously Chester was never forgotten.

Michelle advised doing a slow introduction to the new kitten, the new dog (Chester’s dog friend has passed from old age), and the new home his family has moved to.

For all the volunteers, tracking down Chester’s family was all in a day’s work at the Center, but this is the kind of job which confirms how valuable rescue work really is. As Michelle said, “Let’s just say hearing what Chester’s guardian was saying almost made me cry.” And the family has promised to send pictures once Chester has settled back in with his family in their new home.

Please microchip the cats you care for!


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FOF Photo Contest: The Envelope Please…!

Our community photographers have done it again!  

This year we received over 100 stunning entries to our 2014 FOF “Best of the Best” Neighborhood Cat Photo Contest! 


Thank you to all you wonderful folks who took the time to send us your photos.  And thank you to everyone who forwarded our People’s Choice Award ballot and broadcasted our contest through social media.  Now, hundreds of people who voted were introduced to the world of community cats, to Fix Our Ferals and our work to help save lives!


As you know, we still need more public education — even here in the East Bay — regarding community cats and the issues surrounding them.  For this reason, the 12 finalists for The People’s Choice Award were chosen to show thebigger picture about the lives of our free-roamers, and not just those already-fixed successes.


Powerful stories were told through those dozen photos of neighborhood cats in every situation — including fixed cats, kittens and adults not yet neutered, cats living good lives in backyards, and even some kitties who have found forever homes!

You’ll be seeing many of the entries in our newsletters, fundraising projects, and educational materials. We promise to make the very best use of these photos to continue raising public awareness, compassion and support for our neighborhood feral and stray kitties.


So pour yourself a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy these photos and stories!  And don’t forget to start taking pictures of your own cats, too!  Our 2015 Photo Contest will be here before you know it!


Warm regards,Heather Lee signature




Heather Lee

Board President

Fix Our Ferals

“Fix Every Cat You Feed!”
And the Winners are…! 
First Place ($75 gift certificate)
Cary Groner
“It took only a day or two after they (recovered from surgery and) were released before they started coming around for breakfast and dinner again, and since then they’ve forgiven us. Isabel, the mama, who was the fiercest and most vocal critic of domestication at first, now insists on being petted, sometimes quite extensively, before she eats.”

Second Place ($50 gift certificate)

Lisa Fulton 

“What do you think is out there, Creamy?”

“I don’t know, Cowboy, but whatever it is we can face it together.”


The People’s Choice Award ($25 gift certificate)
Terry Morinville

“This is Zip.  He, along with his 2 siblings and mother kitty, have become our outside family. We love them and are very grateful for all aspects of TNR support given us by theFOF Snippet Program, which included excellent veterinary care by the doctors at Chabot Veterinary clinic in Hayward.”





More About the Finalists… 

Voters for the The People’s Choice Award had 12 outstanding photos

(including our judges’ First and Second Place winners)

from which to select their favorites.

Congratulations, thank you, and a big meow to ALL the finalists!   

kitten in tree
Photo: Sheri Krause
Photo: Mark Decker
“How Can I Help You?”
Photo: Mark Decker
“Big World”
Photo: Renee Krail
Photo: Cary Groner
Photo: Diana Marsh
Photo: Crystal Heath
Photo: Birgitte Krogh
Photo: Birgitte Krogh

Can You Help Us Help Them?    

Photo: Tracy Gondo

There are many ways to help the cats and people living in our communities by volunteering!

And there are many kitties who will enjoy healthier living thanks to your contribution to fund our low-cost spay-neuter services!

Fix Our Ferals and its over 250 active volunteers continue to work every day to make better lives for ALL East Bay cats through Trap-Neuter-Return(TNR) assistance, spay-neuter services, and public education.




Please consider making a donation  

or volunteering today!

Click here to find out about our volunteer opportunities!




Click here for other ways you can donate!
Fix Our Ferals is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service
as a Section 501(c)3 non-profit organization,
ID# 94-3297241.
Photo: Jackie Anderson


How to Reach Us

PO Box 13083
Berkeley CA 94712-4083
hotline 510 433-9446
“Fix Every Cat You Feed!”


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Come Celebrate 10,000 Cats at Sweeten the Kitty 2014!

green logo screen shot from website

two cats
Photo: Cary Groner

I have wonderful Fix Our Ferals news to share with you this month!


10,000 kitties have now been admitted
to the FOF Spay-Neuter Center

since we opened in 2012!

Thank you to our staff and volunteers, trappers, sister organizations and to the hundreds of other caring people who brought in their cats and kittens!  So many kitties will now have better, healthier lives because of our low-cost sterilization services!


What a cause for celebration! 


And we’ve got a super one coming up on October 19th! It’s looking like this year’s Sweeten the Kitty Wine Tasting and Silent Auction fundraiser is going to be even bigger and better than last year’s! We’re thrilled about all the pre-purchase ticket orders, and we’re expecting a great turn-out!


Once again, our community is really coming through for our neighborhood cats!


To Union Bank, our Official Sponsor, a huge, heartfelt thank you! Your “Lion” level of support has made it possible for our hard-working volunteers to put together this year’s exciting STK fundraiser so we can keep offering affordable spay-neuter for East Bay kitties.


And thanks so very much to our many localbusinesses and individuals who will be providing delectable wines, delicious (vegan!) goodies and terrific items for our silent auction.  We’ll be offering everything from a fabulous three-night stay at Sea Ranch to that must-have, purrfect-purrfect cat toy.  There will be lots of special things for you to bid on — for yourself, your cats, your family and friends.  What a great way to support Fix Our Ferals – and get a head start on your holiday gift shopping, too!


All we need now is YOU!


Hope you’ve already purchased your tickets! If not, there’s still time to buy online. And you can buy tickets at the door, too.


Can’t make it?  We’ll surely miss you! But please join us in spirit — buy a ticket for someone you know. Sweeten the Kitty is not only a fun and tasty afternoon, but a great way to introduce your friends, co-workers and neighbors to FOF’s work to help our neighborhood cats.


Come join us on October 19th!  Your community who loves and cares about our strays and ferals will be there — don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the celebration!


Sweeten the Kitty Wine Tasting 

& Silent Auction

El Cerrito Community Center

Sunday, October 19, 2014

4:00 to 7:00 pm


See you soon!

Heather Lee signature





Heather Lee

Board President


“Fix Every Cat You Feed!”

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Gently used

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Winners of the 2014 Neighborhood Cat Photo Contest!

tix on sale now

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Photo: Lisa Thomas
FOF’s spay-neuter services saved our marriage!
– FOF Kitty Patients #8,567 
and #8,568
Be a PAL –
Help Prevent-A-Litter
in 2014!





Please make a generous donation today! 




Click here for other ways you can donate!
Fix Our Ferals is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service
as a Section 501(c)3 non-profit organization,
ID# 94-3297241.
Photo: Lisa Thomas
How to Reach Us
PO Box 13083
Berkeley CA 94712-4083
hotline 510 433-9446


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Online Tix for Sweeten the Kitty 2014 – Buy Now!

Annual Sweeten the Kitty Silent Auction & Wine Tasting Fundraiser - Tickets Now On Sale - Get Yours Today! Sponsord by Union Bank

Click here to donate!
Click here to buy tickets!  

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Donation Requests

Annual Sweeten the Kitty Silent Auction & Wine Tasting Fundraiser - Donation Requests - We kindly ask for donation of: Vacation Rental Time, Time Share, Air Miles, Cat Crafts, Wine. Contributors please contact Annelise Strader

Click here to donate!
Click here to buy tickets!          
           Sponsored by 

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Event to Benefit  Fix Our Ferals & Milo Foundation:

Please Wash All Your Dogs on October 26th, 2014!!!

Dr. Benjamin Otten, of All Creatures Veterinary Clinic in El Cerrito, has kindly organized an event to benefit both Fix Our Ferals and Milo Foundation.

Dog’s Best Friend & The Cat’s Meow,  at  525 San Pablo Avenue Albany CA, has donated their facility.  Open from 10am to 4pm on October 26th.

Get your dogs clean and munch on cookies while you help the animals!


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10K Kitties!

This lovely Siamese had the honor of being our 10,000th kitty customer!







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