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Welcome to the FOF Spay/Neuter Center!
The Fix Our Ferals Spay/Neuter Center helps many thousands of
free-roaming cats and kittens in the East Bay, every year.

For reservations call: (510) 215-9300
For advice and to borrow humane traps, call: (510) 433-9446

If you feed and care for outdoor cats, come to our Center!

Our low low rates for free-roaming feral and stray cats mean that caretakers throughout the East Bay can now afford to prevent unwanted litters and manage their neighborhood cat populations.

If you have adopted a pet cat who needs to be spayed or neutered, come to our Center!

Fees for pet cats are very competitively priced, take advantage of our low costs! Plus, by bringing pet cats to our Center, you can help offset costs for a feral cat while getting excellent care for your pet in the bargain.

Check our Rate Page to see our fees. See our Map & Directions page.

For reservations, call (510) 215-9300.

Welcome to Fix Our Ferals
Welcome to Fix Our Ferals!

Introducing: The Fix Our Ferals Spay/Neuter Center
12226 San Pablo Avenue
Richmond, California 94805

Since our founding in 1998, Fix Our Ferals (FOF) has helped to open the minds and hearts of East Bay residents to the plight of feral cats, while providing the tools to help these cats live healthy happy lives.

In July 2012, we expanded our services by opening our own FOF Spay/Neuter Center, dedicated to curbing cat overpopulation in East Bay communities. We offer affordable spay/neuter and vaccinations for all cats: feral, stray, and pets.

At our Center, the Fix Our Ferals Medical Director, Dr. Crystal Heath, makes sure all cats in our care receive skillful compassionate treatment in a newly remodeled facility, using state-of-the-art equipment funded by PetSmart Charities.

If you would like to help curb cat overpopulation and improve life for people and animals, please help spread the word about our Spay/Neuter Center. We urge you to visit our new facility, volunteer your skills, or make a donation. Our “How to Help” section tells you how.

Fix Our Ferals On the Air:
Listen here
as board president Heather Lee and board member Dairne Ryan speak on KOIT radio’s Today’s World program about Fix Our Ferals Spay/Neuter Center.


Fix Our Ferals (FOF) is a community-based, non-profit organization that promotes trap-neuter-return (TNR) to humanely reduce outdoor cat populations in the San Francisco East Bay. We help improve neighborhoods for both cats and people by:


Six easy things you can do right now to help make this center a HUGE success:


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