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Our community photographers have done it again!  

This year we received over 100 stunning entries to our 2014 FOF “Best of the Best” Neighborhood Cat Photo Contest! 


Thank you to all you wonderful folks who took the time to send us your photos.  And thank you to everyone who forwarded our People’s Choice Award ballot and broadcasted our contest through social media.  Now, hundreds of people who voted were introduced to the world of community cats, to Fix Our Ferals and our work to help save lives!


As you know, we still need more public education — even here in the East Bay — regarding community cats and the issues surrounding them.  For this reason, the 12 finalists for The People’s Choice Award were chosen to show thebigger picture about the lives of our free-roamers, and not just those already-fixed successes.


Powerful stories were told through those dozen photos of neighborhood cats in every situation — including fixed cats, kittens and adults not yet neutered, cats living good lives in backyards, and even some kitties who have found forever homes!

You’ll be seeing many of the entries in our newsletters, fundraising projects, and educational materials. We promise to make the very best use of these photos to continue raising public awareness, compassion and support for our neighborhood feral and stray kitties.


So pour yourself a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy these photos and stories!  And don’t forget to start taking pictures of your own cats, too!  Our 2015 Photo Contest will be here before you know it!


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Heather Lee

Board President

Fix Our Ferals

“Fix Every Cat You Feed!”
And the Winners are…! 
First Place ($75 gift certificate)
Cary Groner
“It took only a day or two after they (recovered from surgery and) were released before they started coming around for breakfast and dinner again, and since then they’ve forgiven us. Isabel, the mama, who was the fiercest and most vocal critic of domestication at first, now insists on being petted, sometimes quite extensively, before she eats.”

Second Place ($50 gift certificate)

Lisa Fulton 

“What do you think is out there, Creamy?”

“I don’t know, Cowboy, but whatever it is we can face it together.”


The People’s Choice Award ($25 gift certificate)
Terry Morinville

“This is Zip.  He, along with his 2 siblings and mother kitty, have become our outside family. We love them and are very grateful for all aspects of TNR support given us by theFOF Snippet Program, which included excellent veterinary care by the doctors at Chabot Veterinary clinic in Hayward.”





More About the Finalists… 

Voters for the The People’s Choice Award had 12 outstanding photos

(including our judges’ First and Second Place winners)

from which to select their favorites.

Congratulations, thank you, and a big meow to ALL the finalists!   

kitten in tree
Photo: Sheri Krause
Photo: Mark Decker
“How Can I Help You?”
Photo: Mark Decker
“Big World”
Photo: Renee Krail
Photo: Cary Groner
Photo: Diana Marsh
Photo: Crystal Heath
Photo: Birgitte Krogh
Photo: Birgitte Krogh

Can You Help Us Help Them?    

Photo: Tracy Gondo

There are many ways to help the cats and people living in our communities by volunteering!

And there are many kitties who will enjoy healthier living thanks to your contribution to fund our low-cost spay-neuter services!

Fix Our Ferals and its over 250 active volunteers continue to work every day to make better lives for ALL East Bay cats through Trap-Neuter-Return(TNR) assistance, spay-neuter services, and public education.




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Photo: Jackie Anderson


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